Access & Inclusion

Committed to Inclusion

The festival has always been inclusive, from commissioning Total Ensemble Arts Initiative in 2011 to our vast volunteer and placement programme that runs throughout the year.

Each festival The Norfolk Actors Company works with working professionals as well as those with limited to no experience. The gift of this project is always seeing the high level of performance take place each year, both on stage and behind the scenes. We take what we do very seriously. But importantly, we do not take ourselves very seriously at all!

We maintain playfulness, forgiveness, and encouragement at all times. The festival prides itself in being authentic in its approach to all matters, creative and personal.

Access Events & Free Ticketed Events

We strive to make the Autumn Festival of Norfolk a culturally enriching festival for the entire community of Norwich and Norfolk. We offer reduced ticket prices (£16.00 to £10.00) for the first 2 nights of our Norfolk Actors Company in order to improve accessibility for those from marginalised backgrounds. Thanks to Norwich Freemens’ Charity for their guidance on this development. 

As always, the Autumn Festival of Norfolk will include Free Ticketed Events, including outreach workshops with Total Ensemble Arts Initiative and the African Choir of Norfolk.  Access Events with reduced ticket prices for low-income families will be available throughout the festival as part of our commitment to being as accessible as possible.

Look out for the Access logo in the brochure


The Autumn Festival of Norfolk, formerly known as the Hostry Festival, has expanded its horizons and now takes place at a variety of venues throughout the region. These venues have been thoroughly assessed for their accessibility, ensuring that everyone can participate in the festival’s events.

While Norwich Cathedral’s Hostry building remains a significant location for festival activities, we have expanded our reach to include other accessible venues. These venues offer a diverse range of experiences for festival-goers, while prioritising inclusivity and accommodating the needs of all attendees.

We understand the importance of providing accessible facilities, and our dedicated team of volunteers will be available at each venue to assist individuals with additional needs. Whether it’s guiding you to accessible restrooms, helping you find your seat, or addressing any other concerns, our volunteers are committed to ensuring your comfort and safety throughout the festival. Toilets for Hostry events are located through the Cathedral Cloisters. Here and in other venues, we will have volunteers on hand to guide those with additional needs to facilities, as well as seeing people with wheelchairs to their seat/space ahead of the audience.

Seating arrangements for events are generally on a first come, first serve basis. However, we have reserved seating for wheelchair users at all our accessible events. We encourage individuals with specific requirements to inform us in advance. You can do this when purchasing tickets through our website or by contacting our box office partners, Norwich Theatre.

In the spirit of transparency, we have one concert venue that does not offer wheelchair access or have toilets for audience members and this will be clearly indicated in our festival brochure. We strive to provide accurate and comprehensive information, allowing you to make informed decisions about attending events based on your requirements.

At the Autumn Festival of Norfolk, accessibility and inclusivity are at the forefront of our mission. We are excited to bring you a diverse range of experiences across various venues, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the festival to the fullest extent.

If you prefer, you can reach out to us via email at to communicate your needs.