Festival Committee & Constitution

Festival Committee Treasurer MIKE KING with STASH KIRKBRIDE at our 2011 launch. Photo by Matt Dartford.

Festival Committee

Our festival committee meets after each edition on THE AUTUMN FESTIVAL OF NORFOLK and hears the Artistic Directors’ report, and goes through all Agenda items covering the current year, and the year ahead. Programming for the following year is agreed and all financials are prepared for our accountants Larking & Gowen to present to our supporters such as charities, trusts and philanthropic individuals. 



Treasurer: MIKE KING


PETER BARROW, The Autumn Festival of Norfolk Co-chairman
STASH KIRKBRIDE, The Autumn Festival of Norfolk Co-chairman

Festival Constitution & Ethos

THE AUTUMN FESTIVAL OF NORFOLK is produced the PBSK Partnership and is a not-for-profit, community interest project, engaging with over 100 volunteers each year, many of whom go on to gain employment and positions in further education through their time with us. 

The festival Commissions and sustains opportunities with a focus on, although not exclusively, the performing arts: drama, music, dance, spoken word, and the visual arts. It provides opportunities for people of all ages, abilities and levels of experience to partake. This enables all involved to present an elevated annual showcase held at the Hostry, at Norwich Cathedral and beyond.

The main financial support comes from philanthropic sponsorship each year which enables the festival to remain uniquely independent. Norfolk based trusts, charities, individuals and businesses have helped augment the main match funding in order to sustain the admin & delivery of the festival, as well as increase its ability to develop more original commissions and offer greater access to marginalised people from across the county. The support given directly helps the long term future of this much admired and respected festival that celebrated its 10th anniversary year in 2021.

The Autumn Festival of Norfolk is presented at The Hostry, Norwich Cathedral, as well as other leading venues across the county.

The festival focuses on initiating original commissions, debuts, and annual Signature Projects for Norfolk. It has an Open Door Policy of welcoming people from all backgrounds, ages, nationalities, religions, abilities & disabilities.