"We believe the arts flourish best where there is trust and the right atmosphere for people to develop ideas"
- Peter Barrow

PETER BARROW. Photo by Simon Finlay.

"When Stash Kirkbride and I set up the PBSK Partnership in 2010 to stage a play and a concert at The Hostry, we were aware of its potential, but even we didn’t know the pace at which it would all develop. I am more than proud to be the philanthropic patron of this freedom-based, instinctive collective of individuals. We believe the arts flourish best where there is trust and the right atmosphere for people to develop ideas. Each year we seem to touch on something new, something that has been waiting to happen, and I am somewhat like a very proud father figure; overseeing the courageous and captivating originality of projects that the festival delivers. We have been blessed by the support from so many people. On behalf of the whole team, a heart felt thank you for the decade of The Autumn Festival Of Norfolk, held at what must surely be one of the county’s most prestigious and unique venues, The Hostry at Norwich Cathedral."
Co-founder of the PBSK Partnership and the Autumn Festival of Norfolk

Supported by trusts, charities and philanthropy since 2010

The Autumn Festival of Norfolk has enjoyed financial support from many of Norfolk’s charities, trusts, and philanthropic investors since the very beginning back in 2010.

This year, more so than ever, we are aiming to deliver and sustain the festival at the level it so deserves. In doing so, we hope we will gain the support from all those known to us, as well as those yet to be acquainted with all that the festival offers each year.

Despite the various hurdles we have faced over the past year, the outlook is more vibrant and abundant than ever, with 10 years of creativity already delivered in evidence and our Signature Projects in development with the next 3-5 years already in pre-production planning.

If you would like to discuss ways in which you can support the festival as a trust, charity or philanthropist, please get in touch with:

Our Artistic Director, STASH KIRKBRIDE: