THE NORFOLK ACTORS COMPANY is the new name for our Central Productions at The AUTUMN FESTIVAL of Norfolk. Since we began staging plays in 2010, our focus has been to bring rarely seen plays to Norfolk, examples being, The Rainmaker by Richard Nash & Jean Cocteau’s The Eagle Has Two Heads. We have also had adaptations especially written for the festival such as Melvyn Bragg’s highly acclaimed production of King Lear In New York in 2016 as well as world premieres of our devised play, Hamlet: The Undiscovered Country (2012) and the groundbreaking inclusive Boy In The Lighthouse Central Production of 2018.

The Norfolk Actors Company ethos is to work with our core group of actors who often return to work with us on a yearly or by annual basis, as well as welcoming in new people to the festival.
We work with professionals who may have just landed in Norfolk, as well as those returning to the arts.

Our policy of working with amateur actors from across the county ensures we bring together some of the best performers available, often with decades of practical experience behind them; as well as those just starting out. We also give real hands on proper theatrical experience, preparing people for drama school, with many of our actors gaining entry to some of the UK’s best training establishments including Bristol Old Vic Theatre School; we also offer opportunities for graduates from drama schools. Each season we work with students, graduates and alumni through our partnership with the University of East Anglia.

Each autumn the festival’s Artistic Director Stash Kirkbride holds Open Door Workshops which are designed as a sharing for those interested in joining the company the following autumn.
These workshops are open to actors, as well as those interested in working on the production behind the scenes.

The Norfolk Actors Company is produced by the PBSK Partnership and is a Not-For Profit, community interest project. We work with people from all backgrounds, ages and abilities.

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2023 Production - LADY WINDERMERE'S FAN

Rehearsals began at the beginning of September for this year’s central production by THE NORFOLK ACTORS COMPANY.  

LADY WINDERMERE’S FAN is must-see presentation, early booking recommended. Oscar Wilde’s masterly observations resonate throughout this lavish and exquisite production. With a cast of 18 this is a comedy drama full of delicious and memorable characters, brought to you by The Norfolk Actors Company.

Downton Abbey meets The Guided Age, A festival revival of one of the great plays in English Literature” Stash Kirkbride Artistic Director

The essential Wildean lesson is that people cannot simply be divided into good and bad as though they were two separate creations” Michael Billington, The Guardian



The full cast met for the first time on a balmy September evening at the Norwich School for a first read through of the play!

Casting Workshops for our 2024 Central Production of The Philadelphia Story by Philip Barry.

Directed & Produced by the Autumn Festival of Norfolk’s Artistic Director Stash Kirkbride. Executive Producer Peter Barrow.
A pbsk Partnership project.

Rehearsals: September/October evenings 6.45 to 10pm.
Performances: 27th October to 2nd November 2024
At: The Hostry, Norwich Cathedral.

Cast Breakdown:
DINAH a fabulous featured role for a young actress of 15+ (can be played by someone in early 20’s)
TRACEY LORD strikingly good looking, Grace Kelly looks. (any hair colour) Lead role. Age 25 to 40.
MARAGARET LORD (Mother) great leading character part. Strong, comic, central to story. 40 to 60’s.
SANDY LORD Nice role for a clean young man Joe College type. Age 25 to 30.
UNCLE WILLIE Great comic role. Young at heart. Energetic. Age 50 to 70.
MIKE CONNER 2nd Male Lead. Swarve, All American, political, big range. Age 25 to 40.
LIZ IMRIE 2ND female Lead. Great comedy role. Gutsy, funny, ultimately vulnerable. Kind. 25 to 40.
GEORGE KITTREDGE straight guy. Boy next door, Husband to be to Tracey Lord. 25 to 40.
DEXTER Frank Sinatra role. Full of character. Energy. Personality & likable. 25 to 45.
SETH Good looking older role for a man. Likeable, straight forward character to portray. 50 to 60.
MAC the Night Watchman. Age range 25 to 65.
Other roles include:
Thomas. Elsie. May. Edward.

To apply for Casting Workshops taking place in November 2023 for our 2024 production email:

The Philadelphia Story by Philip Barry is the stage version of the film & stage musical High Society.
Tracey Lord, of the Philadelphia Lords, has married CK Dexter Havan and divorced him when he, resenting her chilling attitude toward the comforting virtues of domesticity, takes to liquor. A little while later she has taken up with a handsome named Kittridge and is about to marry him.
One of the calendar social gossip weeklies sends a reporter and camera woman to cover the story the wedding. They are injected into the house by Tracey’s brother who hopes to divert their attention from Father Lord’s affair with a Broadway actress. Tracey, already a little shaken of her urge for Kittridge, finds herself suddenly bowled over by Conner, the fascinating reporter. At the end of the pre-wedding party, at which the champagne flows like ginger ale, she and Conner go for a dip in the pool. Tracey has always been an uncertain champagne drinker. The last time she drank a lot of it she went out on the roof to salute the moon.

Playing stlye: witty, fast paced, period, sharp observations throughout requiring exquisite vocal dexterity and comic timing from the actors. (at times the play is deep and meaningful/poignant too).

Accents: Standard American & some English. A comedy of manners, set in the late 1930’s.

A hugely popular choice to stage for 2024, we anticipate a good deal of interest for joining the cast and crew on this production, it is after all one the all-time favourite feel-good stories on film and in theatre. We look forward to hearing from you.